Our Purpose | Your Process


Our Purpose

To connect you to God, others and the world. God called us to make disciples not just see people saved. Our purpose is to disciple you until you are at the place God intends for you to be and active in what He has called you to do. We believe a true disciple is one who has been connected to God, others and the world.

Your Process

Ever ask the question, what does God want from me? We believe the answer is simple, God want you to first connect with Him in salvation, connect with His body in discipleship and fellowship and then connect to the world in service to Him.

Connecting to God

Connecting people to God through our worship services. To connect people to God through anointed worship and applicable and easily understood teaching and preaching of the Word. To receive salvation, declare your commitment through baptism and engage in worship.

Connecting to Others

Connecting people to others through Connect groups that come together on a regular basis, whether it's an on campus group on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night or one of our off campus groups. We seek to connect you to others and assist you in your progress toward full devotion to Christ by intentionally providing an environment for connection, community and spiritual formation.


Connecting to the World

Connecting people to the world in service. Connecting people to the world in service through our ministry teams here at the local church as well as being a personal witness.