Mark 5:25-34

This lady had an issue of blood which kept her alienated and in despair for over twelve years, while the issue was very trying on her physically, draining her of energy and strength she needed. It was also tough on her socially; her condition prevented her from coming into contact with others so as to not make them unclean. As well as spiritually, she was forbidden in worship feasts and celebrations. It was unable to kill her, because her body produced more blood to sustain life.   Although she was drained she was not defeated because there was still hope as long as she was living, she had something on the inside of her that kept producing blood that provided life. As born again believers we must realize that while we may have issues there is something on the inside of us that produces life, greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.

Though she may have not been the strongest in the crowd that day she may have been the most determined. She pushed her way through the crowd but she did not pull Jesus. She did not throng Him as other were. Throng comes from two Greek words with various meanings according to the circumstances, one meaning of the first word is to posses and one meaning of the other word is to crowd. They were pulling him one way or the other.

She simply touched him. The Greek word for touched there means to attach one's self to. While he was on his way she did not want to pull him this way or that way, all she desired to do was to join her to him. She would have held on as long as it took, but she was healed immediately.

We all got issues and there isn't but one thing to do about them. We need to press through our desire to do things our way and join our self to him and allow that force to be loosed in our life that we may know what God has done in us.