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What Should I Wear?

You will see casual dress from jeans all the way to suits. Whatever is modest in taste and comfortable to you is just fine with us. No matter how you dress, you will find someone dressed just like you.

What about children/youth?

Family is a top priority at MCoG, you will find one of our strongest areas is children/youth ministries. During Sunday School we have classes for all ages from nursery to college students. During morning worship service we have a nursery staffed with very capable workers to care for your children or you are welcome to stay with them and still experience our worship service in the nursery where we air the worship service live. If you are not staying with your child you will be asked to sign your child or children in and out for safety reasons. We also have Kids Own Worship during the morning worship service for all children 3rd grade and younger. 4th grade and older are in the main sanctuary for worshiping morning worship. Wednesday nights are very exciting for our children and youth as well. We have classes on Wednesday nights for children from nursery to 3rd grade and a super worship service for youth ages 4th grade and up in the multi-purpose building, where they experience their own worship service with worship, preaching and ministry around the altar.

What is your Worship & Music like?

With a choir, a praise team, and Awaken Youth Drama Team as well as our Refuge Children's Drama Team, no matter your age or background you will find a little something for you during the worship service. From praise and worship to contemporary and even a good old hymn or two.

What type of people will I find at Mallory Church of God?

You will find people from all walks of life. You will find a large variety of ages from all different backgrounds. Doesn't matter who you are, where you're at, or where you've came from, you will find someone just like you. God loves you and we do too!

What should I expect?

You will be warmly welcomed and most likely will see someone you know within no time at all. There will be people to greet you and show you around at each service. It will be a time of exciting worship and relevant teaching and inspired preaching. We do our best to make your experience one that you will not forget.

How can I become involved?

We believe a disciple is someone who is not only connected to God and connected to others but also connected to the world in service and therefore we encourage all of our members to be involved in some area of the church body. We have a host of different ministry teams. It really depends on what your passion is. If you are interested in getting involved at the MCoG we have a gifts and passions profile to help identify your place in our local church. Stop by the welcome center in the main foyer after service and one our volunteers will be glad to give you more information.
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